Admitting that you need a little extra help with your school work in a certain subject can be challenging.  Finding the right person to provide that help can be even more difficult.  At Ace It Test Prep, our tutors are content area experts with the teaching and tutoring experience to match.  Whether you are looking for an edge on an upcoming AP or IB test or need weekly support on assignments, studying and test performance, our tutors will give you the help you need to achieve your goals.

Sometimes all it takes it a little extra help.  All of our tutors start their work by assessing your specific needs and charting a plan to accentuate your strengths while offering remediation to address weaknesses.  During their work they will provide continuous feedback on your progress and help you achieve short and long term goals.  The key to this is the wealth of knowledge and specific activities that each tutor brings to every session.  By the end of their work, tutors will have gotten you back on track and helped you to achieve your goals.

Contact us today to learn how our subject area tutors can get you the edge you need on your school work.

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