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The college application process is getting more competitive each year and understanding everything that is involved in it is critical for success. Colleges receive more applicants each year but the number of students admitted generally stays the same. This trend was even worse in the fall 2020 admissions cycle with the uncertainty of COVID drastically increasing the number of applicants at each school. At top tier schools chances of admission are less than 10%, in-state schools have higher percentages but have also become more selective in recent years. There is perhaps nothing in high school that is more important than this application process. Our team of College Consultants can help your family navigate the process and maximize your student’s chances of success.

We work with students of all ages and families in many different situations. Sometimes we get involved to help with the application itself, other times we help guide the entire high school process to make sure it ends with students being ready to compete in the application process. We work to ensure maximum success for our students in the application process and our results speak to our success.

We bring a unique set of skills to our role as College Consultants. As educators, counselors, academic advisors, test prep professionals and alumni interviewers for different colleges we see this process from a variety of perspectives. As a result, we have developed our Three-Pronged approach to the college admissions process.

Prong 1:  Help students get high grades in rigorous classes. The courses students take can matter just as much as the grades they earn in those classes.

Prong 2:  Help students maximize their scores on standardized tests. This is not limited to SAT and ACT but also includes PSAT, SAT 2, AP and IB exams

Prong 3:  Help students to develop their unique story. Well rounded isn’t the answer that it once was, students should be finding activities to get deeply involved with and be able to present themselves as a person who will positively impact the college they select

Students, don’t get stuck looking back on your high school years realizing that you should have done something you didn’t. Parents, make sure you are informed and actively planning for your student’s future. Contact us today to see how we can help your whole family during these critical years.

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