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      I have taken a total of 3 Ace It Test Prep classes and each time I attend one my scores improve.
    -Chase 2017

    I loved the teaching methods and Mr. Platt’s sense of humor. The course was not boring and cookie-cutter but addressed the specific needs to the students in the class and helped me to put my SAT scores into the mid 1400s
    -Dylan 2017

    I increased my ACT score by 5 composite points after this class! Thanks Ace It
    -Shawna 2017

    I have worked with Mr. Platt and Ace It Test Prep for about a year and a half now and I have been very satisfied. From the academic tutors who have helped me on math and Spanish to Mr. Platt’s test prep I have been much more successful in my classes and on my standardized tests. I know this is in large part due to the help from Mr. Platt and Ace It Test Prep.
    -Ben 2017

    This class was great because it encouraged me to do the work I needed by pacing me through daily assignments which scheduled into my busy life very well.
    -Alli 2017

    I liked the serious yet low pressure environment of the Ace It classes. It helped me effectively learn the strategies to maximize my scores.
    -Danielle 2017

    My experience with Ace It was very positive. Even though I am only a sophomore, I really grasped the test taking strategies and most of the material. I liked the classroom environment because I was surrounded by people who were working towards similar goals and it motivated me to do my best.
    -Katie 2017

    I decided to attend this class because I lacked the initiative to study on my own. With the organization and encouragement provided by Ace It, I was able to increase my scores. I also got all of my questions answered in class which helped to eliminate my weaknesses.

    Mr. Platt was a great teacher with awesome advise about how to approach my SAT and ACT prep. My eyes were opened to all of the bad habits that I had in testing and I have come a long way in correcting those since I started work with Ace It. The availability of the one on one help through office hours was a valuable addition.
    - Ashton 2016

    Mr. Platt knows what he is talking about. I took this class to get my scores up to achieve the level needed for the Bright Futures scholarship. I would recommend this class to anyone who is having trouble achieving the scores they need.
    -Amber 2016

    I appreciate the confidence that I gained through this course with Ace It Test Prep. I found the practice on pacing especially helpful but I really liked being able to have all of my questions answered in class time.
    -Hannah 2016

    The resources and instruction provided by Ace It were very helpful and each week my scores improved as I understood how to “take the test” strategically.
    - Cassie 2016

    My improved testing strategies are helping me score well on the test, but the main benefit of working with Ace It is the confidence that I have gained in my testing abilities and I have seen the benefits in my scores.
    - Maddy 2016

    I have heard from friends who have taken prep classes where they just do multiple choice tests and don’t “learn” anything. This prep class was different. I feel like my time with Mr. Platt helped me to become a more strategic test taker and much more comfortable in my own abilities.

    Mr. Platt, I really liked the way that you taught us.  You clarified every question and it’s obvious you knew how to do and more importantly how to explain every question so that we could do them.  I especially liked how you taught us to find answers to questions even when we didn’t know “the way” to do them.  I am so glad I took this class.
    - Sydney ACT & SAT Fall 2014

    The prep program helped me to learn how to take the test and how to study for it.  The structure of the program and pacing of the homework kept me organized and the constant feedback on scores and performance motivated me to reach my maximum scores.
    - Sophia ACT & SAT Fall 2014

    I really liked the way the course focused on a strategic approach to help you get more questions not just a cut and paste formula to memorize for math  on a single question that you might not see again.  The holisitic approach to both tests along with weekly monitored homework boosted my score on both SAT and ACT
    - Katarina SAT & ACT Fall 2014

    With the strategies and skills I learned from Ace It Test Prep and the confidence I gained from my practice, I raised my SAT score by 200 points and my ACT composite score 4 points.
    - Thomas SAT & ACT Fall 2014

    I started out with very low scores and though I do well in school tests just aren’t my thing.  I did this class to help with my test anxiety and to get the score needed to replace FCAT reading so I could graduate.  Though I missed my score by 1 point on ACT, I passed the SAT Reading requirement and now I can graduate with my class!  Thanks Ace It!
    - Kaley SAT & ACT Fall 2014

    I’ve always been a good test taker so I only took the prep class because it had helped my sister 3 years ago and my parents wanted me to.  Turns out, as I often hate to admit, I was wrong.  This class not only forced me, a chronic procrastinator, to gradually practice instead of cramming the week before, but it gave me an inside look at the inner workings of the test.  Being prepared with the knowledge to “beat the test” greatly reduced my stress and elevated my already high scores.
    - Anna SAT & ACT Spring 2014

    I really liked the sessions I did with Ace It Test Prep.  Mr. Platt is a great teacher and really focused on my individual needs which helped me quickly boost my scores over 270 points on SAT Reading and Math combined. 
    - Stacie SAT & ACT Spring 2014

    After two rather unsuccessful attempts at the SAT, it was clear that I needed help to raise my scores.  I had all the credentials to make it into FSU with the exception of my SAT scores.  I enrolled in the Mr. Platt’s SAT prep class and began to see improvement almost immediately.  This began to boost my level of confidence and I knew it was well worth the investment both financially and of course academically.  The class gave me great insight into test taking strategies that I would never have gained on my own.  I will have these practices and approaches with me as I face any exam in my future.  After the class, my math score increased by 80 points.  This was a great improvement, but still not enough to meet the requirements for FSU. 

    We once again turned to Mr. Platt for assistance and one of his staff members, Cassie tutored me at home for 3 individual sessions.  With the sessions and the detailed homework regiment she assigned (similar to Platt’s test prep however solely focused on reading and writing) I improved my writing by 100 points and reading by 20 points, finally not only reaching my goal but surpassing it. 

    Mr. Platt and his staff are professional and have high expectations, be prepared to work hard and elevate your game.  I’m so very thankful to Ace It Test Prep and I highly recommend this to anyone looking to prepare or improve for college entrance exams. 
    - Tim  SAT  Spring and Fall 2013

    I took Mr. Platt’s 10 week SAT/ACT course, which I would highly recommend.  I had a mental block and found it impossible to study for the SAT math by myself even though I knew SAT math was tricky. Throughout the course I really improved my understanding of SAT grammar, and the SAT question style. In the end I exceeded my score goals in math and matched them in writing. In ACT I exceeded all my goals in all the subjects. Thanks to my SAT and ACT scores I was accepted into my first choice school.
    - Kelly SAT & ACT Spring 2013

    I really didn’t think that I needed this prep but while doing it I realized that it was a huge help.  If you want to increase your scores but still keep up with the rest of your life then this is the program for you.
    - Joseph ACT Fall 2012

    Ace It and Mr. Platt helped me to understand and identify the tricks and traps on the SAT and how to get my speed up on the ACT.  The strategy pack was a life saver and using those tips on the test was the key to bumping up my scores.
    - Matt SAT & ACT Fall 2012

    I had worked with another private tutor in the area before so I was surprised to see how much more I learned in classes with Mr. Platt.  There is really no comparison between Ace It and the other local options
    - Dylan SAT Summer 2012

    By using the testing strategies and completing all of my homework I have gotten a lot closer to my goals. I improved A LOT! 170 points overall on top of an already high score
    - Sydney SAT & ACT Spring 2012

    Ace It takes pride in individualizing its classes, I just never realized how much that would be important to me.  When I wasn’t doing my work for the first few weeks I got pulled aside on a weekly basis and “talked to” after class.  I appreciated the strategies and the content review but ultimately it was Mr. Platt dragging me along and showing me that he cared about my score that ended up in me raising my ACT composite by 8 points by the end of the class!
    - Patrick ACT Spring 2012

    If you want to raise your scores but can’t find the time to structure your day to fit in practice then Ace It can help.  I did individual sessions and was impressed with how easily this fit into my life.  I had to work hard to improve my scores but Mr. Platt made that easy
    - Daniel SAT Fall 2011

    I liked how this program was structured and after completing it my scores increased by over 250 points.  I find myself using these valuable test taking skills not just on SAT and ACT but also on my everyday tests in school.  Overall this course taught me more about the SAT and ACT and test taking then I ever thought was necessary and yet now I see how necessary it was.  I am a comfortable, confident test taker and I know that I will be successful on any test I encounter.
    - Alex SAT & ACT Fall 2010

    With Mr. Platt’s help, the SAT seemed much less intimidating. His tutoring covered everything, from test material to coping with stress. It really helped in knowing what to expect for the test. Mr. Platt’s nightly homework also made studying for the SAT more feasible, especially with balancing school, homework, and extracurricular activities. After the tutoring sessions, I scored exactly where I set my goals and felt that the actual test passed by very quickly and painlessly, all thanks to Mr. Platt. I would definitely recommend his program to anyone who wants results.
    - Renusha  SAT March 2009, SAT II November 2010

    I really needed help with test taking skills and I truly benefited from  Mr. Platt's SAT prep course.  I needed to raise my scores to become competitive for the schools to which I wanted to apply.  After ten tutoring sessions, my score increased by over 100 points.  Because of this improvement, I was accepted at my top school of choice.  I could not have scored well enough without Mr. Platt's help.
    - Stephanie SAT October 2009,  ACT September 2009

    I have always struggled with math, so when the time came to take the SAT I knew I would have some trouble. Unsure if I could improve my score on my own, I asked Mr. Platt to tutor me because all my friends had told me that he was really helping them with their SAT prep. Over the course of the next ten weeks, the tutoring sessions boosted my confidence and improved my math. Mr. Platt helped me prepare and provided me with the skills I needed to do well. When I got my test results, my math score was within the range I had wanted, which means that now I can apply to the college I want to go to; all thanks to Mr. Platt.
    - Sarah SAT May 2009

    Mr. Platt’s SAT prep course was extremely beneficial to me. I enrolled in his program before I had ever taken the SAT and his comprehensive instructional methods and patience with me, helped me to score a 1200. He then helped me modify my approach and after a few fine tuning meetings I retook the test and scored a 1340. The insight I gained form his course opened many doors for me and I’ve been accepted into the honors program at FSU and the honors college at USF because of my scores
    - Nick SAT March & June 2008

    Mr. Platt's tutoring was the best thing I did to prepare myself for the SAT and ACT. His comprehensive understanding of the tests, and practically flawless teaching methods and style, were invaluable tools. I contribute a large portion of my success during the college admissions process to Mr. Platt, particularly receiving the large scholarship that has allowed me to attend one of my top choices. I would recommend him to any student looking to make their applications more competitive. 
    - Daniel Math II Subject Test October 2008, SAT November 2008

    "Thank you so much! I am very happy with my SAT scores. I couldn't believe how many of your vocabulary words I saw on the SAT, and how many of the math questions looked almost exactly like ones we covered in our sessions. Mr. Platt you are a great teacher and the one on one attention in your program is invaluable, the materials were just what I needed to practice and I would definitely recommend Ace It Test Prep to my friends."
    - Alex SAT October 2007, ACT June 2008

    "Mr. Platt has a profound understanding of the SAT and numerous years of experience teaching high school students. His SAT course is tailored to the needs of each and every individual. Mr. Platt clearly and concisely explains different patterns and shortcuts prevalent throughout all areas of the SAT. He will help you manage your time efficiently and see problems from a different perspective so that they make sense. With the help of Mr. Platt I scored a 1400, was accepted to a prestigious university, and granted an academic scholarship. His tips and tricks are essential to everyone; regardless of whether you are looking for a perfect score or just trying to improve your score. I highly recommend Mr. Platt as he is truly dedicated to helping all of his students succeed."
    - Graig SAT May 2007

    I worked with another local SAT prep program prior to this and saw very little in the way of results. However, I could tell that Mr. Platt’s program was different after only a couple of lessons. With his unique ability to engage, teach, and diagnose individual problems that are common on the SAT, I started to see my score rise almost immediately. I felt incredibly prepared on test-day, and it paid off; I saw a 150-point improvement in my SAT test scores. I would highly recommend Mr. Platt’s program to anyone
    - Sam SAT May 2007

    "With the help of Mr. Platt I was able to become extremely well prepared for the SAT. His method of doing a little bit of work each night really helped me study without it being completely overwhelmed. Before Mr. Platt tutored me, I was always very nervous and anxious when taking exams, especially important ones such as the SAT. But after the tutoring session, I learned many test taking tips that I still use to this day. Because of his help, I was able to improve my score not only on the SAT but on other multiple choice tests. His tutoring was extremely helpful to me and I would recommend it to anyone!"
    - Allyson SAT March 2007

    Mr. Platt really helped me to succeed on the SAT. After tutoring for only four weeks my score had improved by more than 150 points. With a higher score I was accepted into one of my top choices for a university. Without Mr. Platt's help I feel that this would not have been possible. After tutoring, I felt much more confident in test taking. Mr. Platt was very diligent in making sure I understood each concept that I learned. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who has difficulty with big tests such as the SAT or ACT. He is the best!
    - Jen SAT December 2006

     Reviews from our College Consulting Clients

    I worked with Mr. Platt and Act It for both ACT prep and College Applications and I can honestly say that I couldn’t have done it without them. The experience was invaluable and set me up for an opportunity to attend my dream school, Stanford, this coming fall
    -Ryan 2017

    Mr. Platt Without your guidance I would have been lost preparing for college, whether it was for my college applications or for SAT/ACT. I credit a large portion of my success to you and I could not be happier to attend NYU! Thank you so much for your help! (P.S. I am going to take Enviro classes at NYU)
    - Rachel 2016

    Ace It Test Prep provided me with help in many areas including SAT prep, college application assistance and mentoring as I worked to develop my unique story. I am very satisfied with the results. I highly recommend working with Mr. Platt and the staff at Ace It as they made my high school experience more manageable and set me on the path towards success.
    - Anthony 2016

    I loved College Application Boot Camp! There is no way that I could have crafted an essay this good without the help of Mr. Platt and Dr. C. The insight they provided on the college process and the way that they helped me transform my essay made this experience worth it. I know that I will get accepted into the colleges of my choice with my application.
    -Paige 2016

    I feel like thank you is insufficient. You have helped me in such a tremendous way. I am so incredibly grateful for your test prep classes, and the extra help Cassie provided in the individual sessions really put my scores over the top. I am most especially grateful for your time and effort put into helping me write and revise my college application essays. You were always quick to respond nd especially patient when I wasn’t.. I truly appreciate everything you;ve done to help me to get to this point and I hope that you can finish our relationship by reviewing my Valedictory speech.
    - Sydney 2015

    Working with Mr. Platt over this past year has truly changed my life. He helped me assemble the bits and pieces of my résumé that I have accumulated over the years, and as a result, get into my top school, Cornell University, and receive various awards like the Coca Cola Scholarship. In addition to the obvious aid he has provided me with in the college process, he has greatly improved my writing ability through his detailed and constructive comments on my essays—my English teacher even mentioned it!
    - Dalton 2015

    Thank you for helping me get into both West Point and the Air Force Academy. I truly couldn’t have done it without you and the hours we spent revising essays, not to mention you writing me a glowing recommendation letter on top of that. As you can tell, I have accepted West Point’s offer of admission and I can’t thank you enough for your help
    - Alex 2015

    Loved this program! I didn’t have the slightest idea how to go about applying to college but after College Application Bootcamp I did. This course drastically changed my main essay and gave me confidence in my ability to get into the college of my dreams.
    - Taylor 2015

    This process, like the other Ace It programs I have been involved with, helped me tremendously.  I got a great head start on my applications and I am now confident about sending my apps to all the schools on my list.
    - Katina Bootcamp 2014

    Mr. Platt and Dr. Carlin are amazing, dedicated, intelligent and incredibly well versed about the college application process.  I took test prep in a group, one on one and then did application bootcamp and all of the programs were great.  I am so pleased with the transformation of my essays that I would absolutely recommend Ace It programs to anyone looking for an edge in the college application process.
    - Christian Bootcamp 2014

    My essays transformed drastically within only one week!  I’m so relieved!
    - Meghan Bootcamp 2014

    Hi Mr. Platt, I just wanted to let you know that I got into Purdue University and I had just recently accepted my admission offer so that's where I'll be attending in the fall! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me to get me to such an accomplishment! :) 
    - Bridget Bootcamp Summer 2014

    Mr. Platt's continuous guidance throughout the college admissions process is unparalleled. He takes the time to understand your strengths and weaknesses and showcases the most interesting aspects about your application. In a time where you question yourself at every step, he never forgets to remind you to portray an essence of who you truly are. He guides you through the specific criteria that utterly make you irresistible to the admissions officers. I highly recommend Mr. Platt's Ace It Test Prep program for his experience and dedication to you and your future.
    - Rachel Columbia University Class of 2018

    Mr. Platt helped me complete my applications for all of the colleges and universities I applied to.  In the end, he made the possibility of going to my number one choice school a reality.  The application process appeared tricky and challenging, but Mr. Platt helped me fill out the applications completely ensuring that I was getting to the point while being an individual so I could stand out to the admissions officers and get into my dream school: University of Richmond.”
     - Molly Comprehensive College Consulting Fall 2013

    "Without Ace-It-Test Prep's College Consulting sessions, not only would I have not gotten into my first choice school, Columbia University, I probably would not have even applied. Mr. Platt gets to know you on a personal level, and helps you not only find the college that is perfect for you, but then does everything he can to help you get in. Between the help I received on school selection, revising essays, and even advice on standardized testing and extra-curricular activities, I have no doubt that Ace-It-Test Prep is the reason I have been accepted to my dream school. He broke down the chaotic college application process and made it simple and almost even enjoyable."
    - Brad Comprehensive College Consulting Fall 2013

    “Mr. Platt was extremely helpful in my college admissions process. He gave me excellent advice on what to highlight in my applications.   With his insight on what colleges really want to see in an essay, Mr. Platt provided me with the guidance I needed in order to write a captivating essay, and be accepted into the school of my choice: Duke University. I would highly recommend Ace It Test Prep for the college admissions process.”
    - Alexis Comprehensive College Consulting Fall 2013   

    “For a high school senior, the extremely competitive admissions process will be daunting no matter what kind of student you are. Trust me, YOU WILL NEED HELP!!! Whether you are a first generation or legacy applicant, Mr. Platt is invaluable because he knows recent school-specific details of the admissions process. His college consulting services are entirely tailored to your needs and his high standards are obvious. Personally, I had a very difficult time with my essays so Mr. Platt and I labored for hours to perfect them. All your questions will be answered promptly and in depth, a service that will relieve the entire family during the stressful application months. His personal investment in my future was evident and I would not have been accepted to Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Stanford, Berkeley and Vanderbilt without his help.” 
    - Eloi Comprehensive College Consulting Fall 2013

    I was a nervous wreck about everything ahead of me for senior fall and the mountain of work with college applications.  I couldn’t believe that I accomplished so much in just a week.  I am literally done with my essays already!
    - Greyson Bootcamp 2013

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