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The essence of the college application process is about a student finding the school that will be the correct fit for them to cultivate their talents and interests in the years to come. Far too often the college selection and application process is hurried, poorly planned and fraught with stress. However, if it is done correctly this process presents a unique growth opportunity for students and allows them to discover a great deal about themselves as they simultaneously determine the college they will attend. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for students to find themselves and the path that they will follow in life. We are here to help guide students and their families along the journey.

Comprehensive College Consulting
Available in a 4 hour Block

A Brief Summary
With the complexity of the College process and the lack of one on one help for every student in the school system, Ace It Test Prep, LLC has jumped in to fill the void.  The stakes are high but our experienced consultants know how to help you navigate the entire application process from the start of high school through the completion of your applications.  We will help you maximize your chances of admission to the college of your dreams. For rising Seniors we offer an "Early Start 1 year Unlimited" option to begin at the start of the summer before senior year.

Program Highlights
Each student's path to college is unique and our program adjusts to those needs and the needs of your family.  We understand that applying to college physically happens during the fall of senior year but the journey to success in the process happens long before that.

  • Develop your story and have an impactful high school experience.
  • Application help, essay editing, college visit assistance and interview prep .
  • Students applying to top tier colleges and those with special circumstances are encouraged to consider the unlimited time option during senior year.
  • One year unlimited time programs run from 8/1-7/31 of a given year to coincide with application availability.  Programs may be prorated based on start dates.

College Application Boot Camp
Our 9th Annual Boot Camp is happening this summer July 29th - August 2nd @ 8:30AM - 11:30AM

Brief Summary
Back again by popular demand Mr. Platt and Dr. Carlin will be running Boot Camp this summer to take a class of 15+ students through the application process with the goal of finishing some apps during the week.  Through the course of 5 three hour sessions, nightly essay reviews and then 2 more weeks of essay reading after the class we will help students polish their apps.  This is an amazing value and for comparable coverage in private sessions it would easily cost over $700.  Space is limited so sign up today.

Program Highlights
Wouldn’t it be nice to start senior year with a college application or two done or nearly done?  There is enough urgency with the start of school looming to motivate students, and enough time to really make a dent in the application process.  For the last two years 100% of our bootcamp students got into their 1st or 2nd choice schools. 

  • Focus on completion of the Common App, UF and FSU apps.
  • Completion of activities and academics sections, short essays & long essays.
  • Essay work includes - guidance on planning, writing, revising & editing.
  • Also Including "Telling your story," resume writing, recommendation requests, financial aid, interviewing, college visits, and much more!

Essay only option

Brief Summary
This option is designed for the student who is staying in state and just wants a couple of reads of a couple of essays.  This is a 2 hour block of our time which equates to about 4 total essay readings and revisions.  Divide that however you like, all on one essay or split it between two or more.  This program may not be purchased multiple times but can be upgraded to a Comprehensive College Consulting Program if more time is necessary.

Program Highlights
This is an economical option to help you produce your best essay for the Florida schools.  The education offered by our state universities is a true bargain so even here the process is competitive.  Make sure your application essay stands out.

  • Fine tune your hook or refine your topic.
  • Produce a well crafted, stand out essay that lets your voice shine through.
  • Brainstorming and Topic Development should be done prior to this, if you need assistance with that then consider enrolling in the Comprehensive College Consulting Program instead.

Single Essay Read

Brief Summary
There may be nothing more important that you will write in the next few years then your college admissions essay.  So you decided to go it alone on the process…  We can respect that spirit of independence.  But before you click submit wouldn’t it be worth getting a professional opinion of you work?

Program Highlights
For a nominal fee you will get one full essay read with complete feedback.  What you decide to do with that is entirely up to you.  If you decide to work with us in a larger program we credit this $25 towards that if not, at least you have the peace of mind knowing that you are submitting the best quality work that you can.

  • One single read with feedback for one essay.
  • Essays read for this purpose should be in what you consider final form.
  • We suggest electing this option a few weeks before the application deadline in case we recommend extensive revisions.

Individualized Mentoring
This program is available in 4 hour blocks

Brief Summary
Often called our "Wake Up Program," we help students and families get on track and stay on track.  We are happy to help you in this capacity as early as middle school or whenever you need us.  Slipping off track can be hard to recover from and we are here to help students understand the big picture in language that they often don’t get from mom and dad.
Program Highlights
This will address your student’s specific needs as they relate to the entire spectrum of the educational process.  Our mentors connect with your students and motivate them to strive for their full potential.

  • One on one sessions focused on developing ancillary academic skills such as motivation, organization, study skills & attitude.
  • Improve student performance in school, at home and beyond.

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