Test Prep

For the purposes of college admissions students are evaluated in three main areas: (1) GPA and rigor of classes, (2) standardized test scores and (3) their "story". Therefore maximizing your test scores is incredibly important. Test prep does work and with over fifteen years of test prep experience, we have designed a system that helps students maximize their test scores without compromising the rest of their lives. We prep students for SAT, ACT, PSAT 9 &10, PSAT/NMSQT, PLAN, IOWA and SSAT.

Prong 1:  Content Knowledge - we help students identify the information that they need to know for the tests and provide them the resources and remediation to help them master it. When students know the concepts they are tested on, they will maximize their scores.

Prong 2:  Knowledge of Strategy - we have concrete methodologies used for each question type in each section of each test. When students “Do it Right” on each question they will maximize their scores.

Prong 3:  Knowledge of the Test - we help our students understand what the tests are trying to accomplish and what makes them hard. When students understand the game they are playing, they can win the game

The Growth of our business and the success of our students testifies to the strength of our methodology. After taking one of our programs and sitting for a test students will find that the test itself is still the same. What will have changed is the students themselves and their ability to handle the challenges that each test throws at them.

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