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Finding the right tutor is an important part of improving your academic performance. The relationship formed between the tutor and the student is the key to success. Tutors don’t just convey content, the encourage, they motivate and they inspire students to achieve their highest levels. Each tutoring session is individualized to meet the needs to the student and the process varies based on the need. We meet weekly, daily or on demand and tutor for single or multiple subjects and normal class content or end of the year exams.

Individualized Subject Area Tutoring

A Brief Summary
Sometimes you just need a little bit of extra help to be successful in a particular class. Whether that means hearing information presented a different way, learning new study skills for a particular concept, or just getting more of that one-on-one assistance that is hard to come by in today’s educational system, we are here to help. Our tutors are subject area specialists with the content expertise to explain hard concepts and the teaching skills to help you understand them. Your grades are a reflection of you; make them the best reflection they can possibly be.

Program Highlights
We match you with the right tutor to meet your needs and meet on your schedule. Continuous progress monitoring helps us to efficiently diagnose and rectify learning issues and improve performance in your academic classes.

  • Tutoring available in all levels of the subjects we tutor
  • Tutoring is available to elementary, middle and high school students

Small Group Subject Area tutoring

Brief Summary
Bring the old benefits of the classic study group into new focus with one of our experienced tutors leading the way. For maximum comfortability with maximum results this is a great option. Available for all of the subjects we tutor in groups of 2-5 individuals. If you and your friends are struggling in a class together we are here to help!

Program Highlights
Get the remediation you need to boost your scores. Get all of the benefits of an individualized academic tutor at a fraction of the cost.

GED Tutoring

Brief Summary
Are you hoping to pass the GED test but not sure how to prepare? We can help. We have tutors with expertise in the test and a proven track record for helping students pass. From content review to strategy and pacing practice, we will individualize a plan for you to maximize your abilities on the test and get you the highest score possible. If not having your high school diploma is holding you back then the GED could be the key to advancement for you. So why wait? Contact us today.

Program Highlights
This is an economical option to help you produce your best essay for the Florida schools.  The education offered by our state universities is a true bargain so even here the process is competitive.  Make sure your application essay stands out.

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