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Being successful in the college admissions process has become less about being the well rounded jack of all trades master of none type of student. Instead colleges across the state and the country are looking for students who are more angular. Think of picking the incoming class of students at a school as selecting the appropriate tiles to create a beautiful mosaic. The student who is angular, deeply invested in a few things, is the one who is most desirable to schools. At Ace It Test Prep we help students find “Their Unique Story,” and really engage in it as they find themselves and their college path along the way.

Here are some of the many projects that Ace It students have worked on over the years. Contact us today to see how we can help you start to define which piece of the mosaic you will be for the college of your dreams.

A champion for young girls

In the words of Brianna Gates ’16: “There is no force on earth more full of hope and optimism than the spirit of a young girl. She sees the world with wide-eyed wonder and in her gaze all things are possible.” For Brianna, her story began with an interest in women’s rights and hit home with a recognition of the effects of the “selfie culture” on her peers. Brianna took action, creating a community program aimed at helping young girls transition into high school with the greatest chance of success. Under her leadership this program flourished and had a tremendous impact on the young ladies in her community. Read More

The birth of a treehugger

Austin found his voice when he took an AP Environmental Science class and heard his personal call to action. He joined the school Envirothon Team and finished in the top 10 in his category at states during his first year competing in the aquatics category. That expertise helped him conduct in-depth research into the effects of eutrophication for his IB extended essay Using those successes as a springboard he developed and executed plans to raise funds for and then install an electric car charger at his high school. Read More

The St. Patrick's Day 5K Run/Walk 2013 & 2014

The St. Patrick's Day 5K Run/Walk for the Children held at the Frank Rendon Park, 2705 S. Atlantic Ave. was originally conceived by Brad Koberg ’13.  The run was then carried forward by Matthew Koberg ’14 and Brian Vaughn ’14.  The early morning beach run was cosponsored by the Spruce Creek High School Government Association and the Kiwanis Club of Daytona Beach.  The proceeds went to the Volusia Literacy Council to buy instructional workbooks and other materials to foster literacy in the community.  The outreach combined the leadership interests of the students with running which they participated in as well as providing a vehicle for giving back to the community.

Language and Computer Science come together

Ben’s affinity for language started at a young age with a trip to the National Spelling Bee. Though he wasn’t the champion that year he was hooked on language and his studies expanded. By the middle of high school he had exhausted all of the school’s Latin offerings and reached the highest level in Spanish. Along with that he self studied Japanese and went on to study it in the summer at Harvard. By senior year he brought together his interest in language with an interest in Computer Science and created a language tutoring website that the teachers at his school could use to remediate their struggling students as well as translating Japanese Manga for online publication at

The intersection of Farming and Development

As if it weren’t enough to be a hockey player from Florida who was the front man of a local garage band, Ethan Goldish ‘15 created his story at the intersection of sustainable agriculture and urban development.  As he noticed the town he grew up in and the neighboring agricultural community going through rapid commercial and residential development he set out to quantify the impacts.  This started with work at a local CSA and then to broaden his knowledge further work at a Sustainable Farm in Costa Rica.  In conjunction with two Duke professors he then did a heat mapping project to quantify the impacts of development on the local environment.

Becoming an Adirondack Forty Sixer

Though Florida lacks any real vertical elevation, Ben’s desire was to climb.  It Father Lopez this was an ascent to Student Body President and a key figure in the Drama Club.  Beyond school, his vision was more expansive.  Over a series of summers he summited the tall peaks of New York State aspiring to climb them all and become an Adirondack Forty Sixer.  Add to that climbing experience in Bolivia and an invite to guide an Outward Bound trip in the Wind River Range and his story began to take shape.  His senior year began with a whirlwind solo attempt at the final peaks in New York, though he failed due to unforeseen circumstances he gained leadership and life experiences that were unparalleled.

The Scientist

Taking science classes is one thing, truly loving science is another.  Really experiencing science research and investing oneself in the process at a high level and being acclaimed in the field is something else entirely.  For Deepak Sathyanaryan ’12 science research was an ongoing process and working in labs was a yearly part of his education.  He won science fairs, he published papers, he did science.  In his senior year, catalyzed by an increasing awareness of the environmental challenges in the world around him his sphere of interest extended beyond bench science to field activism for a cause he believed in. Deepak embraced science at every level and excelled while doing so.

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