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With scores that consistently earn students scholarships and admission to top colleges, Mr. Platt's program speaks for itself. No matter what your budget or your tutoring needs, Ace It has a program that will work for you. Most importantly Mr. Platt is the only tutor who combines experience as a top tier classroom teacher, with personal mastery of the test and success in the upper echelon of academics.

The testimonials speak for themselves. Ace It Test Prep, LLC is trusted by parents from Ormond Beach to New Smyrna Beach and from Port Orange to Ponce Inlet. Please look through the personal statements of past clients on the Testimonials page. As for the logistics and the economics, they speak for themselves below.

Course Details
Other Local Private Options
Princeton Review
One on One Available
Price & Hours of 1 on 1
$1250 / 20 hours
Up to $1400 / 20 hours or less
$899 all large group
$1049 all large group
Preparation in your home
Your Choice of Time

*Results based on typical score performance. Increases may be larger of smaller depending on studnet commitment to the program.
**Based on current advertised rates and course descriptions
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The real question is can you afford not to enroll your child with Ace It Test Prep, LLC? Over 1/3 of students qualified for Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholars Award after working with Mr. Platt! That's 100% payment of tuition and fees plus allowable expenses. Follow this link to learn more about Bright Futures Scholarships.

Remember that you can enroll your child in one of Ace It’s classroom programs for as little as $25 an hour and feel confident that they are in the hands of one of the best classroom instructors in the area.

The SAT and ACT Tutoring results are as follows: The average gain is about 150 to 300 Points on the SAT* and about 3-6 Points on your ACT composite score.*

One of the most important component to any Ace It program is the individualized progress monitoring that takes place. Through personalized tracking tools, students are able to get immediate feedback on their performance and adjust their work to maximize their score increases. These programs also streamline the strategies used, focusing on the most effective ones and doing them the right way. Finally all of the Ace It programs combine the academic skills with the psychological preparation needed to perform at the highest level on these high stakes tests.

While there are many factors that will influence this decision including balancing the needs and abilities of your child with your economic situation and the time they have available to prepare, here are some considerations.

The Classroom Based Instruction is a great program for the student who has never taken the test or one who has prepped before and needs an economical but comprehensive refresher.  This format also allows instruction at a whole class, small group, and individualized level throughout the program.

The Subject Specific Strategy Session is perfect if one of the test areas is the main problem because the full day immersion will help students really focus on what they need to do to improve that one area as well as teaching them the techniques, skills and strategies to get there.

The Semi Private Instruction works well is a pair or group of students know that they work well together and are also on similar academic levels.  This is at your home so transportation may be less of an issue, and the small group environment is more comfortable for some students. 

The Private Instruction method maximizes the needs of the individual and keeps students focused on the fact that they are completely responsible for their learning.

College Consulting is different things for different families. For everyone we provide you with knowledge and expertise to help your navigate the often stressful process of applying to college. This includes but is not limited to resume work, course selection, activity selection, project design and completion, college search, interview prep, college visit planning, application work, recommendation letter selection, essay construction and editing, final school selection and more.

The number of students applying to college is increasing and the percentages being accepted are declining. Your student needs every edge they can get to gain admission to the school of their dreams. While we can't guarantee admission, we will make sure your student has the best shot possible at the process.

The earlier we start working with your student the more efficient the process will be. We work with students ranging from rising 9th graders through high school graduates and we tailor our work to individuals in each age group. Starting early allows us to help students use all 4 years of high school to their advantage for applications but starting Junior or Senior year is fine as well.

The common app or common application is a central application portal that many schools use. It allows a student to fill out one application and then send it to multiple schools. The FL state schools and many larger schools are not on common app but you should check your school list and see if it is worth using this.

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