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      I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the help, guidance and support you gave to both my daughters and myself. You were a tremendous help to me - given the fact that I work many hours each week – I could have never given Erika and Lee what you gave them. I will always be grateful to you. As I approach empty nest syndrome I reflect back on the people who have made a difference in our lives and you will always be counted among those individuals. I wish you all the best and hope you treasure your own time with your children.
    -Mother of Erika 2013 and Lee 2016

    I just spoke with Bright Futures and they confirmed that her score will be rounded up to a 26 - HALLELUJAH, Shona is so excited and very happy. I told her to text Cassie to let her know. We are extremely grateful for all your help and for Cassie. Thank you so much for everything,
    -Mother of Shona 2015

    This first set without Ace It was Reading 470, Math 500, Writing 480. With Ace It was Reading 580, Math 570 and Writing 570. Crazy what a difference her prep with you made. Thank you so much and sign us up for Boot Camp next.
    -Mother of Samantha 2015 and Taylor 2011

    Thank you so much for all you do. You are doing so much more than helping kids with testing and college prep. You are helping parents keep their sanity!!!
    - Father of Joseph 2015

    THANK YOU!!! He needed your advise and practice test to build his confidence! He enjoyed your sense of humor too.
    - Mother of Dylan 2015

    I picked Miles up from school yesterday and he told me that the work he is doing with you for ACT is helping him with "everything else." He said that he used your reading cues while taking his AP Euro test yesterday and he got through it much faster and he is "certain" he got 100. Not sure about that but his confidence means a lot!!
    - Mother of Miles March ACT 2015

    I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for working with Shannon.  She has learned a lot and so enjoys you as a teacher.  I appreciate the respect, compassion and understanding you have always shown.  This means so much to both Shannon and I.  I know you are the teacher she will always remember and be extremely grateful for. You have had an extremely positive impact on my daughter's life and of course her test scores as well.  Thank you soooo much!
    - Mom of Shannon ACT & SAT Fall 2013

    I just wanted to take the time to say hello. My son Nick took your program during junior/senior year at Creek and as you may remember was successful at getting a football scholarship. Starting with a GPA of 2.4 and 14 ACT/800 SAT I never imagined he would get into college. Nick ended with ACT in the 20's and above 1000 in math and reading and increased GPA. Nick has just finished Freshman year at an out of state college and plans to go all the way. This program was the key that opened doors for him to leave this area and become a diverse young man. I will forever be thankful for you squeezing him late into your program. I have sent many other students to you, keep up the good work you do for Volusia county youth.
    - Mom of Nick ACT & SAT Fall 2010

    Mr. Platt’s SAT class helped our daughter a lot! Her SAT score was 180 points higher than her PSAT score 5 months earlier. We recommend his program very strongly to any parent. It is worth every penny.
    - Parents of Renusha SAT March 2009, SAT II November 2010

    My husband and I are educators and we relied on Mr. Platt's tutoring to help both of our children raise their SAT and ACT scores. Our daughter has always had difficulty with standardized tests, but he helped her learn test-taking strategies that helped raise her score 100 points. She participated in the semi-private sessions. She found a friend with similar needs and they both benefited. She was accepted into each of the colleges she applied and is attending University of Florida (and doing well!) because of Mr. Platt's help. My son's scores also increased by 90 points! He attended the Subject Specific session and greatly increased his math score!  Thanks to Mr. Platt and his tutoring methods, Robbie had a choice of many fine universities and decided to attend UNC Chapel Hill. We are thrilled with their results, thanks to Mr. Platt!
    - Parents of Robbie SAT May 2010

    My son received one on one tutoring for a few weeks for the ACT. We were trying for only a point or two higher on his reading/english section. He earned a four point increase! The tutoring was specific too his needs, and the results show how effective it was. Ace It Test Prep was time and money well spent!
    - Mother of Charlie ACT November 2010

    Our daughter wanted to raise her SAT scores so that she could apply to highly competitive schools.  She had friends who were tutored by Mr. Platt who highly recommended his SAT prep course.  We are very pleased with the results.  She was accepted to the school of her choice.  We are very proud of the effort she put into the SAT prep course and we are equally pleased with Mr. Platt's tutoring program.  We highly recommend Mr. Platt as he tailors the course according to the needs of the individual student.
    - Parents of Stephanie SAT October 2009,  ACT September 2009

    Mr. Platt,  I wanted to let you know that my daughter, Katelyn, was accepted to FSU!  I know you tutor many students so you may not remember that FSU was Katelyn's first choice of universities to attend. Your tutoring was, absolutely, the contributing factor in allowing her to bring her test scores up, making her a candidate for acceptance. Your dedication and sincere interest in helping Katelyn reach her goal was obvious and is greatly appreciated!  Keep up the good work!!  Thanks again!
    - Parent of Katelyn ACT September 2009, SAT October 2009

    We first learned of Joshua Platt's "Ace It Test Prep" from our nephew that benefited by taking this course. Alicia's SAT score jumped from 1810 to 2020! The investment in "Ace It Test Prep" will literally pay off in college & university eligibility and scholarship offers. Our daughter's percentage increase now places her among the top 5% of High School Students on the SAT.  Thank you
    -"Proud Parents" of Ali SAT June 2009

    My daughter Hayley struggled with self confidence and was not good with standardized tests. She had some pockets in her learning that would be a stumbling block to get into college. We signed her up to work with Mr. Platt and were thrilled with the results, not only did she raise her test scores significantly but her self esteem rose dramatically. He sat down with her and they set some goals and determined what it would take to reach those goals. She got into the college she was hoping to attend and the study skills and focusing techniques that Mr. Platt taught her will enable her to be a successful college student. I will be signing up my son to work with Mr. Platt when the time comes.
    - Mother of Hayley SAT Dec 2008

    Josh Platt has been a wonderful teacher for both of my children! He tutored Mandy & Bryan for the SAT test last year and both increased their scores a great deal! Bryan actually went up 150 points! It was difficult for him to squeeze us into his busy schedule before their testing date, but he was willing to help us by coming twice a week and doubling the homework. It was a lot of work, but it totally paid off! The kids studied, practiced and performed for Mr. Platt, which totally showed up with higher test scores. My husband & I are very grateful to Mr. Platt for encouraging them and giving them the tips to perform better on each portion of the test! He was amazing!

    I was so impressed with his mentoring skills that I called him again to assist my son when he was having other difficulties with school. He came a couple of times, spoke at length with my son  and was able to get him more organized. Because of this, Bryan's school grades went way up. It was amazing to watch him work. He would say many of the same things that my husband and I had been saying, but my son responded so well to him that those grades immediately came up!  Mr. Platt's individualized approach and effective teaching style really helped Bryan to achieve many of his testing & academic goals! I have recommended Mr. Platt to numerous parents with children who are preparing to take the SAT  exam. He is very dedicated and excellent at helping his students succeed!

    Thanks, Mr. Platt, for all that you have done for our family!
    - Parents of Bryan and Mandy SAT November 2008, Individualized Mentoring Spring 2009

    It is our pleasure to recommend One on One SAT Tutoring with Josh Platt. Josh worked with our son, Drew, over an eight week period and guided him in all aspects of preparing for and then taking the SAT exam. Josh's individualized approach and effective teaching style provided Drew with the confidence and test-taking tools needed to steadily improve his scores over the course of three SAT exams. Drew adapted well to Josh's incremental tutoring method and studied hard between sessions, which maximized the results that Drew was able to achieve and allowed him to attend the Air Force Academy
    - Parents of Drew SAT January and May 2008

    Working with Mr. Platt and his Ace It Test Prep course worked very well for our son, John. The initial appraisal of John's abilities and then successive tailoring the course and studies to improve on his weaknesses gave him great results. We are confident that these improved SAT scores will open the doors to his choice of University. We were so happy with Mr. Platt’s work that we enlisted his help in preparing John for the SAT Subject tests in Math Level 2 and Chemistry as well.
    - Mother of John SAT March & May 2008, SAT II June 2008

    I wanted to write and pass on my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Platt for the way he helped Taylor and Hunter in preparing for their SAT and ACT tests. They are really enjoying their time at University of Florida, and it was because of their increased test scores that they not only were accepted to UF but were also able to get 100% Bright Futures Scholarships.

    Mr. Platt's style of teaching the material along with the homework assignments that reinforced the sessions helped with learning and retaining the information. Taylor and Hunter’s scores each improved over 200 points (on the Reading and Math sections alone) after working with Mr. Platt. I think the scores speak for themselves.

    If you are a parent who is questioning whether this tutoring is worth the expense, please feel free to call me. Getting the Bright Futures Scholarship is worth thousands of dollars. Also, as a side note, the tutoring for the SAT and ACT tests also helped Taylor and Hunter with test taking skills in general, and paid off again with their IB testing. Both boys did well on their tests and earned their IB diplomas.
    - Mother of Hunter and Taylor SAT May 2007 and October 2008, ACT October 2008

    I would absolutely recommend Josh Platt for any SAT Tutoring. My daughter increased her SAT scores in math with a special math program designed by him just for her. I believe it may have made the difference in her being accepted into the University of Florida. We were very pleased and grateful. I'm sure we will ask Mr. Platt to do the same for our younger daughter as she gets closer to taking her SAT exams.
    - Mother of Whitney SAT Spring 2007

     Reviews from our College Consulting Clients

    I wanted to thank you for all your help getting Alana ready for the ACT’s and helping her during the college application process. She was accepted at UF, Georgia Tech, FSU, Notre Dame, Miami and Olin College of Engineering. She was also wait listed at Harvard. In the end she decided on Miami, where she was awarded the Stamps Leadership scholarship. This is an amazing achievement for her and I have no doubt that your help and guidance played a large part. Our family is very, very grateful. Once again, thank you for the excellent guidance. I’m more than happy to endorse your program.
    - Father of Alana college consulting and test prep 2016

    Our daughter attended Mr. Platt’s Essay Summer Boot Camp in 2014. During the one week course she not only perfected her essay and completed her resume but more importantly was motivated to work on her college applications completely on her own and have them submitted before school even started in August. She greatly increased her SAT scores through Mr. Platt’s individual SAT Prep course and was accepted to her first choice school, FSU, with the Bright Futures Scholarship. Mr. Platt has been a true mentor to both of our girls through the years and has made a positive impact in their lives.
    -Parents of Andrea 2015 and Monica 2010

    -Father of Taylor 2015

    Can I glow for a minute?! I think there are parts of both of these essays that are so clever! I believe he has finally gotten the hang of this whole college essay writing project. It's a pity that the supplements didn't come out first, so that he could have gotten into the groove with them, then written his common app essay last. Reversing the process probably would have resulted in a better common app essay. If he took a few writing classes, he might even become as good as his teacher! Thank you for helping/teaching him. I hope what he has learned from you will stay with him for life. 
    - Mom of Ethan Comprehensive College Consulting Fall 2014

    Thank you so much for all the work you have done with Corrin! She has gotten so much out of your courses. She knows when she takes your class it will be a lot of work, but she also knows it's worth it! She really respects you & your instruction, and that means so much to us as parents, so again thank you!
    - Mom of Corrin BootCamp 2014

    I just wanted to say thank you. Morgan really found this boot camp very informative and helpful. It is definitely going to take a lot of stress off of her and me during this grueling process. I would recommend this boot camp to any upcoming senior.
    - Mom of Morgan BootCamp 2014

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help with Matt's application process - everything is completed and we are just waiting to hear!  We are happy with how they turned out and really appreciate your assistance.   In addition, thank you for your help with Rachel on her testing; she mentioned she went over her score report with you this week.  We'll let you know how she does and we will definitely need your help with her application process -- we will start her applications much earlier!
     - Mom of Matt Comprehensive College Consulting Fall 2014

    Thank you for your assistance during Isabella's college application process. I remember sitting at our kitchen table and Isabella telling you that she "just wanted to enjoy high school and wasn't ready to think about college."  You assured her that while you understood her position, if she focused for a few short months she would be able to make choices that would ensure she would enjoy the next four years as well!

    Your test taking strategies helped improve her scores 60 pts in each section of the SAT. Many students have leadership, good grades, community service and extracurricular activities making the application process extremely competitive. Looking back, I believe it was her essay that made her application stand out. You were so patient in guiding and encouraging her through many revisions. In the end, she was accepted to all of the schools where she applied with over $290,000 merit based scholarship money offered. (UF, UM, UNF, Stetson, Rollins, Furman & Florida Southern)

    Thank you again for guiding her (us) through the process. I have seen her grow so much throughout the last eight months. Having several good choices has given her the confidence to choose a university that will fit her personality and academic interests the best.  Because you were able to encourage her to start looking when she thought she wasn't ready, it has allowed her the time to process through the whole idea of college, look at the schools objectively and choose UF for its academic opportunities and extracurricular activities. As a parent, it is extremely rewarding to see her so excited about the next four years and all that it will bring. 
    - Mother of Isabella Comprehensive College Consulting Fall 2013

    I must tell you that tonight has been one of the most pleasant nights in our home in a while. The phone has been ringing non-stop with my family calling to congratulate Erica. She is both elated and relieved, and her self-confidence has been restored.

    We cannot begin to thank you enough for all of your help, your responsiveness, the sage advice you have shared with Erica and with us, and especially the never-ending encouragement you have given her. You have a special way of getting the most out of her by getting her to push herself to meet your high expectations, and yet, not setting them so high that they are unattainable. We are so glad she has had the opportunity to have you as her teacher and mentor.
    -Parents of Erica ACT 2012-2013, Comprehensive College Consulting 2011-2013

    I cannot thank you enough for helping Mel with his college applications and for consistently staying on top of him and his deadlines! We are thrilled with the results! So far, he has gotten into every school to which he has applied except one; we are still waiting to hear from a couple. Mel would like to take you out for dinner; I hope you will take him up on his offer. Your work with Mel on the college essays was invaluable and probably served him better than any critical writing class could have. The college application process is grueling and your assistance made the whole process much more palatable! Mel's ability to seek your guidance on a daily basis regarding the different colleges, in addition to questions concerning the application and essay edits also eased my stress as you are intimately familiar with the whole process, whereas it was unchartered waters for our family. With your guidance, the process will be much easier the second time around when it comes time for our daughter to apply. Thank you for your eternal patience, wisdom and guidance; much of Mel's success is attributable to your part in the process. We will always be grateful to you for your assistance.
    - Mom of Mel Comprehensive College Consulting 2013

    Hi Mr Platt.  I just wanted to thank you for working with David through this college process.  Your expertise was invaluable!! I do and I will recommend you highly. Washington University was never really on the radar for us at the beginning of all of this and yet now David has found the perfect fit.  Thank you for the many revisions, the honest critiques and the supportive style that helped our family navigate the highs and lows of the process and come out of it with successful admission to a handful of schools.  I know he has found the perfect school for him.  Thanks so much!
    - Mom of David Comprehensive College Consulting 2013

    Luke applied to and was accepted by the following schools:  UF, FSU, UCF, & USF.  He decided to go with USF (his dad & I are still in shock on that decision!).  We've heard nothing but "UF, UF, UF" his entire life.  However, about two weeks before UF's admissions decisions were released, Luke told us that he was having second thoughts and wanted to instead go to USF.  USF offered him $16K, has nice housing, a beautiful campus, and the top-rated Army ROTC program in the state.  Since a commission as an Army officer is his primary goal, the fact that USF had a top-rated ROTC program was a major draw for him. 

    We can't thank you enough for all of the guidance you've given Luke over the past few years!  We know that he would not have performed nearly as well on the standardized tests, nor written such high quality college admissions essays, were it not for your help.  I promote your business every opportunity I get.  In fact, we have relatives in Leesburg that are disappointed that there is nothing comparable to what you offer in their area.  We have offered to let their daughter come stay with us for a week if she were to decide to take one of your summer classes. 
    -Mom of Luke  Bootcamp 2013

    Alex was accepted to Ohio State, Florida State, Alabama, Furman, and Stetson - basically to every school she applied to. She has decided to attend Florida State, and she'll start in the fall. Thank you so much for all you did with her - your guidance, knowledge, and patience. We are thankful for all you did to make her so successful!  We'll see you again in a year or so with our youngest.  :-)
    - Mom of Alex Bootcamp 2013

    With the help of Mr. Platt our son made his academic dreams a reality and will be attending Duke this coming fall.   Mr. Platt's college consulting work paved the way towards this outcome.  From the initial college selection process, through helping to plan, refine, and edit the all important essay, to the final decision; his guiding hand was appreciated.  After our son's early acceptance Mr. Platt has continued to help us with scholarship searches and applications.  We would highly recommend Ace It Test Prep's college consulting programs if you are interested in applying to any of the top universities in the country.  
    - Parents of Deepak Comprehensive College Consulting 2010

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