Have you registered for your SAT Subject Tests?

The end of the year is rapidly approaching and life is hectic. Students are facing AP and IB exams as well as their required testing for SAT and ACT. With everything happening it is easy to miss opportunities that your students have available to them. One such opportunity is the SAT Subject tests. For students interested in applying to competitive colleges these may be required, for other students they are suggested to help students showcase their strengths to all colleges.

These one hour tests are given on the same days as the SAT and students can take up 3 of them in one day. Like the SAT students may retake these test to get a higher score if necessary. The regular SAT and an SAT Subject test cannot be taken on the same day so some planning may be required.

Spring is a great time to register for these tests because a student prepping for an IB or AP test can do a little more studying and take one of these as well. Sophomores taking AP Euro tests could study a little more and take World History Subject test. Those students testing in an AP or IB science could take the corresponding SAT Subject test as well. Juniors and some Sophomores will be ready for the Math 2 test the Literature Subject tests as well. In some cases taking these tests during senior fall may be advisable as well. I would be happy to help you game plan a bit further for your student’s testing plans.

There are 20 different tests to choose from and all of the information about them can be found here.


We do offer prep for most of these tests as well so please contact us with questions or concerns or to schedule some sessions for your student. Happy Testing!

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