The amount that students improve on SAT or ACT after preparation varies based on the combination of our work and the investment of the student in the process. Ace It Test Prep’s proven methodology has helped students achieve tremendous score increases throughout the years. Upwards of 600 points on the SAT or 7 composite points on the ACT is achievable. Our method works, how badly a student wants to improve and how hard they work will determine how high they can rise in the process.

The figures below reflect the averages of reported results from students each year. Some students may be missing from the calculation due to failure to report their scores to us. Since the point of preparation is increasing scores, that increase is reported instead of the actual score achieved.

Average Results 2008-2017: Average Composite Score Increases out of 36

Average Score Increases Out of 1600

Maximum Scores from Ace It Test Prep, LLC Students

Number of Volusia County Students Graduating After Achieving Concordance Scores with Ace It

  • 2016-2017 College Consulting Results
  • 2015-2016 College Consulting Results
  • 2014-2015 College Consulting Results
  • 2013-2014 College Consulting Results
  • 2012-2013 College Consulting Results
  •  2016-2017 College Consulting Results

    Student Admitted School Other Notables
    DL Duke early 1st No other apps completed
    HD Auburn Honors 1st Wake Forest, Richmond, UNC, Elon Honors
    MR Stetson 1st UF
    KT UF 1st Alabama, UCF, USF
    CD FSU 2nd USF, UCF
    LB UF 1st UCF, FSU
    AP UF 1st Harvard waitlist
    CMuldowny   1st  
    JZ FSU med 1st UC Berkeley
    CB Naval Academy 1st  
    BB Cornell early 1st


    CS Flagler 1st  
    NA, CB, CB, SA, JF, EK, CB, KS, EG, SK, AG, AP, CT, CM, LS UF    
    SS ERAU 1st  
    JH UVA 1st Vanderbilt, UNC, BU, Johns Hopkins, UM
    BB Clemson 1st  
    JS American 1st UCF, Stetson
    CJ Berry College 1st Macalester College
    DV Cornell 1st Deferred MIT, ERAU
    CL Richmond 1st American
    CE UNC 1st UNCC, Clemson, NC A&T
    PB Wake Forest 1st UF, denied Brown early
    JK UCLA 2nd Berkeley waitlist, UF, Northeastern
    BS Northeastern early 1st  

     2015-2016 College Consulting Results

    Student Admitted School Other Notables
    AN Duke early 1st No other apps completed
    SD Duke early 1st No other apps completed
    RB Middlebury early 1st No other apps completed
    VL Princeton early 1st No other apps completed
    JL UF 1st Alabama, UF, NC State
    RR UF 3rd UCF, FAU honors, UF, Miami waitlist
    AM Notre Dame 1st Tulane, Notre Dame, Miami
    PN Miami 1st Tulane, Miami, Richmond Presidential Scholar
    RA Stanford 1st Deferred Stanford EA, Carnegie Mellon, ND
    KA Richmond EA 2nd Denied Vanderbilt ED
    LB BC 3rd


    CR, JM, CW, FG, MR, MJ, NP UF    
    GG UF   Miami, FSU, UF
    MU Miami Foote Fellow 1st SMU, TCU, Tulane, Miami
    MW Emory 3rd  
    MD Cornell 2nd Ga Tech, RPI, Clemson Honors, Cornell, Michigan, Columbia waitlist, Stanford rejected, Duke rejected, Vanderbilt rejected
    EK GA Tech 2nd GA Tech, UF, FSU
    LP US Naval Academy 1st  
    PM UCF    
    NM FSU 1st FSU
    DH Emory   Denied Columbia, Deferred Georgetown
    MT Miami   Elon, Miami, UF
    AA UF 1st UCF, FSU, USF
    NG UF 2nd  
    RT UCF 1st UCF
    AS FSU 1st USF, UCF, FSU
    GS UF 3rd UT Austin, UCF, UF
    DW FSU 1st  
    AG     Tenn, Bama, South Carolina
    MK UF 4th UGA, UF, UT Knoxville, Berry, waitlist – Davidson, Franklin & Marshall
    SS Wake Forest 2nd SMU, William and Mary waitlist
    LG OU 1st LIU Post, Chicago College of Performing Artsat Roosevelt U., Marymount Manhattan college, Rochester College, SCAD, Helmerich School of Drama at OU
    JC FGCU 1st FGCU
    KA Richmond ED 2 2nd Denied Colgate EA
    HL FSU 1st Montana State, Stetson
    JU UF 1st  
    SH Miami 1st Miami, FSU, Stetson
    EY Ball State 1st Penn State honors, Ball State

     2014-2015 College Consulting Results

    Student Admitted School Other Notables
    SM Miami early 1st No other apps completed
    BR UF Honors   Deferred Stanford early, waitlist Tufts, waitlist Harvard
    TK Northeastern Honors
    (44K yearly)
    3rd Deferred Harvard early, Northwestern, Emory, Babson, Bently, NYU Stern, Brown, Cornell
    JA Rice 1st Deferred Dartmouth early then admitted regular, Wash U, Miami Hammond Scholarship, Vanderbilt, Rice, Case Western
    AM UF honors   Denied Dartmouth Early, UChicago deferred early, , Miami early with 20K
    NH West Virginia with 14K a year 3rd UK, Ohio State, South Carolina, Miami, UF UVA & Duke Denied
    MH Dartmouth


    Yale deferred early, USC accepted NMS finalist there, UF, NYU, Dartmouth waitlist
    EG Duke early 1st No other apps completed
    SV West Point 1st Airforce Academy, FSU, Furman, Emory deferred, Notre Dame deferred
    MH UF   Denied Emory early
    GC Stetson with lots of money  

    Denied Dartmouth Early

    CB Drexel Honors 3rd Villanova , Deferred Gtech early then waitlisted, Tufts waitlist, Leheigh
    SS UF   College of Charleston, Baylor, LSU, FSU, USF, UCF, University of Tampa   , Eckerd  College, St Johns, Stetson, UF
    ML George Washington 4th  
    V FSU   UF
    BR UF 1st Purdue

     2013-2014 College Consulting Results

    Student Admitted School Other Notables
    A GTech Honors 2nd UCSD, UVA
    S Furman   Elon, Stetson
    D Washington University 2nd New College, Brandeis, U. Chicago waitlist, Tufts waitlist
    L GTech   GTech, UCSD Jacobs Engineering School, Duke waitlist, Vandy waitlst
    H Miami   Miami, NYU, UF
    J Princeton 1st Brown, Duke, Emory, Colgate, UF, Miami
    B Skidmore


    Furman, U Maine, UNH, Allegheny, UVM, Elon, Rhodes
    R Columbia  

    Dartmouth, UF, Harvard waitlist

    E Tulane   USC, BU
    P Johns Hopkins   MIT deferred, Dartmouth waitlisted
    C UF  

    SMU, Texas A&M, UF, FSU

    Z UF Honors   UF
    L Furman   Wake, Elon, UF, FSU
    O NCSU grad school – 1st choice   NCSU grad school – 1st choice
    A FSU   Alabama, Furman, Stetson, Ohio State
    P UF   FSU, USF, UCF
    B UF   FSU, USF, UCF
    G FSU   UCF, USF

     2012-2013 College Consulting Results

    Student Admitted School Other Notables
    E Harvard 1st Yale (E), Stanford, Vanderbilt
    A Duke 1st Early - no other apps submitted
    M Richmond 1st Early - no other apps submitted
    B Columbia 1st NYU, UF, FSU
    A, A Miami 1st  
    P UM 7yr med 4th Emory
    T, R, M, I UF


    R, E, J FSU 1st UF, UF
    A Elon 1st American, San Diego State
    K Furman 1st Richmond (E-deferred)
    B Williams 2nd


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