Hall of Fame

While all of the past Ace It students deserve special recognition for their hard work and individual achievements, the following students used their outstanding SAT scores in conjunction with stellar academic, community, theatrical and athletic achievements to earn acceptance at some of the most prestigious universities in the country.

The 2015 Freshman class of past Ace It Students includes
Kristy – Yale University
Johnny – Georgetown University
Ashley – Baylor
Anna – UNC
Ethan - Duke
Michelle - Dartmouth
Sammi - Miami
Jacob - Rice
Connor - Drexel
Sydney - West Point
Matt - George Washington University

The 2014 Freshman class of past Ace It Students includes
Ben, Felicia, Courtney - The University of Miami
Haley - West Point
Lauren, Avery - Georgia Tech
Rebecca, Kelly - University of Notre Dame
Rachel - Columbia University
Priya, Sidney - Johns Hopkins
Jason - Princeton University
Erica - Tulane University
David - Washington University, St. Louis

The 2013 Freshman class of past Ace It Students includes
Eloi - Harvard University
Brad - Columbia University
Molly - University of Richmond
Alyssa - The University of Miami
Priyanka - The University of Miami 7 year Medical Program
Brittany - Williams College
Kendall - Furman University
Juan - University of Florida Lombardi Scholarship recipient

The 2011 Freshman class of past Ace It students includes
Parker - Vanderbilt University
Deepak - Duke University
Robbie - University of North Carolina
Renusha - Yale University
Monica - Wake Forest University
Devon - Brown University
Seth, Ankur - The University of Miami
Parker - Vanderbilt University

The 2010 Freshman class of past Ace It students will include
Sarah - Duke University
Stephanie - The United States Air Force Academy

The 2009 Freshman class of past Ace It students includes
Drew - The United States Air Force Academy
Cassie - Harvard University
Sarah - Vanderbilt University
John - Duke University

National Merit Scholar Recipients

Commendation - Amy V. & Jack N.
Semi Finalist - Emma F. & Sophia S.

Commendation - Anna K.
Finalist - Tom K, Michelle H., Ben R. & Kristine W.

Commendation - Ben R & Courtney
Finalists - Ben G & Priya
Program Winner - Priya

Commendation - Abeer & Alexis
Certificate of Merit - Brad & Priyanka

Renusha & Brian

News Journal Medallions of Excellence Winners

Spruce Creek High - (4/5 Winners) Michelle H, Sydney V., Shreya S. & Kristine W.
Father Lopez - Emma

Spruce Creek High (6/6 Winners) - Matt, Priya, Jordan, Rania, Rachel & Brian
Seabreeze - Carson, Jesse
Father Lopez - Rebecca

Mainland High - Steven
Spruce Creek High - Priyanka, Van

Mainland High - Arman
Spruce Creek High - Zoe
Father Lopez - Lara
Seabreeze High - Corey, Haley
Warner Christian - Maria

Spruce Creek High (4/5 Winners) - Roshan, Deepak, Renusha & Ankur
Seabreeze High - Paul


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